Heirloom varieties are those passed down from generation to generation within families and communities. They are open pollinated, meaning that the seed has stabilized and will grow true to type year after year. Unlike hybrid varieties, and with proper care, heirloom seeds can be saved, shared and grown in future years. 

We believe that farmers, gardeners and communities have the right to save their own seed, and in so doing preserve seed diversity and food security in an age of corporate agriculture and patented, hybridized or genetically modified seeds. Growing heirloom seeds connects us to the countless generations of work by farmers around the globe. They connect us to the past, nourish us in the present, and represent a living legacy for future generations and the planet. 

Heirloomseeds.com celebrates the origin stories of these exquisite varieties and offers expert guidance on growing, saving and savoring heirlooms. It is an educational project of Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co. 

In 2019, Baker Creek purchased heirloomseeds.com from Tom and Barb Hauch. Before they retired, the Hauchs spent three decades providing farmers and gardeners with high-quality heirloom seeds through their seed house in western Pennsylvania. We are happy to honor Barb and Tom’s work through sharing knowledge, information and wisdom about heirlooms on this website!