Bulb Garden Basics

Planting a spectacular bulb garden takes a bit of forethought and preparation, well before you put those flower bulbs in the ground.

Consider timing: If you want a show-stopping spring garden, begin planning in late summer or early fall. Spring bulbs are typically released in the summer, so that’s a good time to do research and selection. Determine the height of the plants so you know which varieties to grow in the back, middle or front of the garden.

Prepping beds can be done anytime, but hold off planting until the soil has cooled or even experienced a light frost. For many gardeners, the ideal time to plant is October and November. Southern gardeners will have to vernalize their bulbs — by refrigerating the bulbs for a few months to mimic a winter. Plant the bulbs in late winter or early spring, and avoid planting them in a location with harsh afternoon sun. Watch this video series for more tips on planting a bulb garden!