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This package includes 73 packs of vegetable seeds and herb seeds. All seeds are non-hybrid.

Sealed in plastic with a silica gel insert. Can be stored for 3 years.


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The VICTORY GARDEN package includes one pack each of:


* BEANS (5 varieties): Black Turtle, Blue Lake Bush, Old Homestead Pole, Cherokee Wax and White Dixie Baby Butterbean Lima
* BEETS ( 2 varieties): Chioggia and Early Wonder
* BROCCOLI (1 variety): De Cicco
* BRUSSELS SPROUT (1 variety): Long Island Improved
* CABBAGE (2 varieties): Early Jersey Wakefield and Red Danish
* CARROTS (2 varieties): Amsterdam Minicor and Chantenay Royal
* CAULIFLOWER (1 variety): Early Snowball
* CELERY (1 variety): Golden Self Blanching
* COLLARD (1 variety): Georgia
* CORN ( 1 variety): Golden Bantam
* CUCUMBER (2 varieties): National Pickling and Tendergreen Burpless
* EGGPLANT (1 variety): Black Beauty
* KALE (1 variety): Russian Red
* KOHLRABI (1 variety): Early White Vienna
* LEEK (1 variety): American Flag
* LETTUCE (5 varieties): Black Seeded Simpson, Freckles Romaine, Gourmet Salad Blend, Key Lime and Arugula
* MELONS (2 varieties): Honey Dew Green Flesh and Sweet Passion
* MUSTARD GREENS (1 variety): Southern Giant Curled
* OKRA (1 variety): Clemson Spineless
* ONION, BUNCHING (1 variety): Evergreen White Bunching
* PARSNIP (1 variety): Hollow Crown
* PEPPERS (4 varieties): California Wonder, California Wonder Gold, Jalapeno and Long Red Cayenne
* PEAS (2 varieties): Little Marvel and Mammoth Melting Sugar
* PUMPKINS (1 variety): New England Pie
* RUTABAGA (1 variety): American Purple Top
* RADISH (2 varieties): Easter Egg and Crimson Giant
* SPINACH (2 varieties): Bloomsdale Long Standing and New Zealand
* SQUASH, SUMMER (4 varieties): Dark Green Zucchini, Golden Zucchini, White Patty Pan and Yellow Crookneck
* SQUASH, WINTER (2 varieties): Butternut and Spaghetti
* SWISS CHARD (2 varieties): Lucullus and Ruby Red
* SOUTHERN PEA (1 variety): California Black-Eyed
* TOMATO (6 varieties): Besser, Big Red, Giant Beefsteak, Homestead 24, Pink Brandywine and Roma
* TURNIPS (1 variety): Purple Top White Globe
* WATERMELON (1 varieties): Sugar Baby
* HERBS (10 varieties): Basil, Chives, Coriander, Cumin, Dill, Marjoram, Oregano, Parsley,Summer Savory and Thyme


Total of 73 seed packets

Sealed in plastic with a silica gel insert. Can be stored for 3 years.

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